1. Why Should Someone Buy Through  A.T & P.E Homes (Cyprus) Ltd?
2. What Types of Property and How Many Can a Non-Cypriot Purchase?
3. Do Properties have Title Deeds?
4. What Property Transfer Fees Can I Expect to Pay?
Property Value () Fees (% of property value) Transfer Fee ()
Up to 85,000 3% 2550
85001 - 170,000 5% 4250
170,001 & above 8% -
5. What is Immovable Property Tax and How Much is It?
6. Will I Have to Pay Stamp Duty and if so How Much?
Property Value () Fees ()
Up to €170,000 1.50€ per €1000 or part thereof
Over €170,000 2.00€ per €1000 or part thereof
With a maximum cap of €20,000.   Stamp duty must be paid within 30 days from the date of receipt of the relevant document(s) into Cyprus. Late stamping of the relevant document(s) are subject to financial penalties.
7. Will I Have to Pay Capital Gains Tax and if so How Much?
8. Will I Have to Pay VAT?
9. Can I Get a Loan Within Cyprus?
10. Do I Need to Emply a Solicitor?
11. Will I Need a Valuer/Surveyor?
12. Do I Need a Residency Permit?
13. Can I Get After Sales Service?
14. Will I Have to Pay Communal Charges?
15. Other Questions?: Then please feel free to send us an Email  We will get back to you within 24 Hours!
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